Poboljšajte prodajne rezultate

Poboljšajte prodajne rezultate

Mercuri International vam kroz razvojne programe, prilagodbu specifičnostima vaše prodajne organizacije i implementacijske aktivnosti pomaže u poboljšanju prodajnih rezultata.
Prilagođene radionice/ treninzi

Prilagođene radionice/ treninzi

Svaka vaša prodajna situacija naš je izazov: uvođenje novih proizvoda/ usluga, osvajanje ili zadržavanje kupaca...za sve smo osposobljeni.
Prodajni menadžment nam je u fokusu

Prodajni menadžment nam je u fokusu

Prodajni menadžeri su temelj svakog prodajnog uspjeha. Mercuri International im pomaže da postignu najbolje rezultate.
20. godina kao lideri u području razvoja prodaje i prodajnog menadžmenta

20. godina kao lideri u području razvoja prodaje i prodajnog menadžmenta

Mercuri International Hrvatska od 1997. godine pomaže tvrtkama pri razvoju ljudi u prodaji i prodajnom menadžmentu.
Sales Excellence

Sales Excellence

Rezultati istraživanja Mercuri Internationala 2017.g.

Taking Sales to a Higher Level

International Projects

International Projects

Make International sales growth a reality

If your goals are to:

  • Implement your strategy simultaneously, in multiple languages, and internationally
  • Develop an international sales culture, but still maintain the individual needs of various countries across the globe
  • Optimise sales strength of your international sales organisation
  • Develop a global/international sales curriculum

Mercuri International is your best partner. Generating growth on a global basis takes more than just good intentions. It demands the ability to adjust continuously and learn new skills. It also means taking on new roles when interacting with customers, in order to win and retain their loyalty. With us as your partner, your business units will obtain the necessary competencies to make your international strategies succeed by:

  • Driving international initiatives and sales transformation
  • Establishing a common sales philosophy and culture worldwide
  • Ensuring consistent messaging in all markets
  • Sharing best-practice benefits across countries
  • Aligning international customer strategies and processes
  • Deriving maximum benefit from synergies and economies of scale
  • Creating value for your customers

At Mercuri International we have vast experience and proven track record in:

  • International project management - Mercuri has a global network of International Project Managers who work on a collaborative basis to deliver the success required by our clients
  • Sales development solutions (tailored and/or standards)
  • Design of international concepts to create synergies
  • Sales transformation projects

Effective, harmonised international projects are not just a sequence of standardised seminars in different languages. The specific selling situation/strategy and possible different local performance levels must be considered. Gaining local support and commitment is critical to success. To achieve this, subsidiaries must be involved step by step. Finally, structured project management and communication will be vital to secure the deployment of the harmonised approach, implementation and results.

We can offer cutting-edge training techniques supported by Business Simulations and extensive Blended Learning opportunities. We can apply "Result measurement" using locally accepted Key Performance Indicators. We are committed to creating results:

  • Achieving sales excellence
  • Launching new products
  • Increasing your market share
  • Increasing profitability/margin
  • Increasing the efficiency of your sales force
  • Increasing customer loyalty and re-buying
  • Creating value for you and your customers

For more information, please contact:

Henk van de Kuijt, Global Partner and Director International Business, +49 173 662 09 09 kuijt@mercuri.de

Shireen Parker, International Business coordinator at +44 1981 550 447 shireen-parker@mercuri.co.uk.